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First...I 2nd Rachey's AAR entry.

Now...I must say that My Chemical Romance has a new music video out for Helena!  You can see it at AOL Music or Yahoo, but I'm stupid and don't know how to put it here.  Yah, so....That's just amazing and you should all check it out

*Heather <3

***Oh, and if u say he sounds like a pansy again well pssshhhhh on u, ur a pansy!  hahaha, jk jk, but really...don't.  lol...............Actually, I think the one guitar in the band says pansy on it...but still.....


I'm gonna try to be smart here, and no doubt fail, it should show Helena by My Chemical Romance...

Video code provided by MusicVideoCodes.com

and I'm gonna put one on my journal too if this works...
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